From iOS to Android

In one of the recent podcasts, I already raised the topic of switching from one operating system to another, it came up to talk about it in writing. The story is very simple, recently it seemed to me that it was quite logical to try to replace the iPhone 5 and iPad mini with one device, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So what? Among other Samsung smartphones, this one is truly unique, no company has been able to create a worthy analogue. It is big, it works for a long time, there is a pen and you can write notes normally – in general, why not? At least for an experiment? And with these thoughts, I went to the Samsung showroom in Evropeisky. I twisted Note there once again, and then imagined how the transition from one operating system to another would take place. And from one device to another. And then I remembered the not-so-distant past.

For example, here I am using Nokia N80, at that time an incomparable and unique smartphone. There are some programs and stuff. Everything is set, everything is customized for you. And so I wanted to switch to Sony Ericsson W880. You can copy contacts to a SIM card, transfer photos to a computer, programs are not a pity, music can be downloaded to a memory card. You won’t be able to save messages, but that’s fine. In fact, it remains only to transfer the SIM card, and that’s it.

In the case of the iPhone 5 and Note, not everything is so simple. And before, manufacturers tried in one way or another to tie users to their brand. Many do not remember, but the same Nokia had Bluetooth headsets that only worked with Nokia phones. And let’s also remember different chargers and USB cables, even remember different memory cards, the guys from Sony especially liked to complicate life – they were always ready to come up with their own, new, best format. When rumors about the universalization of connectors appeared, it was hard to believe in it. Sony Ericsson had FastPort, Nokia had a 2mm jack, some manufacturers used miniUSB. Apple traditionally did not follow anyone’s lead, otherwise instead of 30-pin and Lightning there would now be “iPhones” with microUSB. It is curious, but Sony also showed stamina, WMport is still used in Walkman players, although it would be logical to give users something more universal. This clearly demonstrates that in Sony the interaction between divisions is excellent. Naturally, in quotation marks.

But all this is trifles. Apple has long gone further, and complicating life for those who want to switch to another OS (or to another device) has reached a new level. Maybe it happens unconsciously. Not out of malice and without any intent. A new type of SIM card appeared with the iPhone 4, I will never forget how I ruined several SIM cards before I cut out the right one. iPhone 5 has new SIM cards again. It is clear that adapters can be used, can be changed by the operator, no problem, but all this time. The most valuable resource. It’s not like opening the lid, pulling out the card and putting it in a new device. iPhone owners, as a rule, also buy a lot of all sorts of add-ons, these are audio systems for home, and charging (home, office, car), and cases – many have an entire infrastructure around the iPhone. Switching to another device means that all this goodness will be unnecessary.