Ischia: a sunny island in the Gulf of Naples

The largest island in the region has a rich ancient history, various resorts and world-famous therapeutic mud. It is located 40 kilometers from Naples. All the cities and districts of this most famous island in Italy are interconnected by a mountain road. A ferry runs between the city and the port of Ischia. The flight takes about an hour.

Ischia has long been called the Island of Eternal Youth, because the radon geysers, thermal springs and mud located on it give healing and add strength to many people. The volcanic origin provides these places with a special picturesqueness and expressiveness: many tourists prefer to go on a bus tour along mountain roads with visits to the main attractions and the best beaches.

Ischia began to actively develop during the heyday of the Roman Empire. Archaeologists still find numerous artifacts here that testify to the life of the ancient inhabitants of the island. To protect against invaders, they built lookout towers along the coast. For a long time, this land was considered the property of the Napoleonic family. She is also known for the fact that Garibaldi rested and was treated here.

So, let’s consider what main sights and corners of the island are worth visiting for a tourist.

Cities and towns

The main city on the island is the city of Ischia. Formally, it is divided into two separate parts: Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. The center of the first is the ancient port – already an attraction in itself, the second has the Aragonese castle and a bridge connecting it with the mainland. Ischia is a city of fashionable shops, gourmet restaurants and clean free beaches.

Forio is a celebrity vacation spot. The town has an eventful history. Here, even a few millennia BC, the Greeks settled, building a temple to the goddess Venus. Later, Forio was a Turkish possession, and the famous pirate Ariardeno Barbarossa attacked him. Trying to protect themselves from it, the locals built several fortress towers, including the most famous – Torrione.

The main cultural attraction of the city, which is worth seeing is the temple of the Madonna Intercessor. The church del Soccorso is famous for its observation deck. Locals claim that only from here in Italy, and throughout the world, you can see the green sunset beam, giving good luck for the rest of your life.

Lacco Ameno was also a Greek colony. There are not only magnificent beaches, clear water and other resort delights. The air in Lacco Ameno is filled with resinous aromas. Pine groves interspersed with citrus trees provide scenic walking trails. In the sea near the shore, you can admire a bizarre rock called “Mushroom”, visit the archaeological museum, pottery workshops and shops at them, and the Negombo Gardens thermal park.

Casamicciola Terme is the most famous town in all of Italy with thermal springs. It has its own port, although Ischia Porto is very close. Casamicciola Terme was seriously damaged by a devastating earthquake, so almost the entire town was rebuilt.