Review of GSM/UMTS-smartphone Samsung


In the Samsung i550/i560 combination, the model with the higher index is not an analogue of the younger one, although at first glance they are similar. The manufacturer decided that Samsung i560 should become an operator’s model, the device was not supposed to get into free retail. However, due to various reasons, plans have changed, and this model is freely available on the market. This led to a number of unexpected consequences.

For example, the deterioration of the camera and display characteristics compared to the Samsung i550 is not critical for an operator’s phone, because it is subsidized, its cost is hidden from the user. The operator, in turn, received a slider with an average cost and an S60 platform. His interest was to dilute Nokia’s products, to diversify his offer. However, for ordinary retail, a different logic applies, a slider should cost more than a roughly comparable monoblock. So it turned out that the Samsung i560 is $100 more expensive.

Who will be interested in this device? Difficult question, because there is no clear answer to it. Those who are looking for a slider with good characteristics will not be interested in the model, because there are other devices from Samsung, even if they are not smartphones. This model is clearly lost against their background, the competition within the lineup is too great. The choice of this device is not obvious, and the price is higher than that of similar solutions.

Imagine that the model is interesting for people who love sliders, need GPS navigation, and in addition to everything they are tied only to the Samsung brand. Based on such prerequisites, we can instantly exclude women from the potential audience, they do not need GPS navigation in their mobile phones by 99 percent. There are men who choose a smartphone for themselves, because if it were a phone, then, as we said above, they would have more room to maneuver. In the smartphone segment,

there are many offerings from Nokia, Samsung products look weaker, although they have their own unique features. There is no model sales history, and there is no loyal audience. The manufacturer’s huge mistake is that the company considers all previous buyers of Samsung products to be potential buyers for smartphones of this brand. This is not true. In fact, we can consider the smartphone segment in the context of the Samsung brand as completely disconnected from phone sales, they are almost unrelated. 

The purchase of a Samsung smartphone can be done on impulse (liked the design, suggested/convinced in the salon) or by young people with higher order considerations (trying everything and everything, including Samsung products). In this regard, it is impossible to call the potential market for Samsung i560 a mass one. Of course, the model will be sold, these are not single sales, but its fate in retail is not too optimistic. If Samsung made the cost of this device lower, at least at the level of its own sliders in the middle segment, and also 20-25 percent lower than the closest competitor from Nokia, the Nokia 6110 Navigator, and sales for the smartphone would be noticeable, it would make sense. At the moment, this is just a niche model for product diversity. After 4-6 months, it, having flashed on the shelves of stores, will gradually disappear, as it has already happened more than once in the past for similar products.