Whether the film increases baggage weight?

Today at each airport it is possible to meet such service as packing of baggage by a film. On special devices the employees of airline will wrap your bags and suitcases in a dense film. What it is necessary for and whether this procedure is obligatory? Whether it is possible to wrap independently at home the suitcases not to spend time and money before the flight?

The procedure of packing, in principle, isn’t obligatory. At you will accept the baggage which isn’t packed thus. However the stretch film for packing of baggage in many respects can be very useful.

First of all, it will protect your load from damages, scratches, chips, dirt. Consider that at the airports not especially are too soft on baggage, it is thrown on conveyors, and at times and missed. Of course, from serious damages, such as the torn-off handle or the burst plastic, the film won’t protect, but here it will save your suitcase from scratches and pollution. https://discovery.monster

The second for what the film can be useful for packing of baggage is a protection against thieves. Even the good lock can’t guarantee integrity of contents. To open with a usual ball pen and for only a few seconds it is possible to steal something valuable to the skilled thief so you and won’t manage to blink an eye and you will hardly notice at once. But the film in several layers will become on the way of “spy”, on fuss with it simply there will be no time.

And now decide for yourself whether it is necessary to pack baggage into a film or to risk and leave it unprotected.

Baggage types of packaging

Earlier we spoke about a film as the most widespread option of packaging material. It isn’t obligatory to pack suitcases on devices at the airport, you can make it houses manually in advance.

How to pack baggage for the plane a film: the film is for this purpose necessary more dense, than food. It is possible to buy it in hardware store. If you don’t find, it is possible to use and as food, only choose the most dense and a navorachivayta more layers.

By packing car to you will wrap baggage in a thermofilm. Be not afraid that it will do much harm to contents of suitcases – temperature in them will increase all on a degree floor.

Still interests many whether the film increases baggage weight. It is obvious that the film in itself weighs very little. Even if on your bags and suitcases there are a lot of layers of this film, then it significantly won’t affect weight.

Other option of packing – a reusable protective cover. It is on sale at some airports or shops specializing in sale of suitcases. As a last resort, such cover can be reserved online. It is put on a suitcase completely and the film serves the same purposes, as.